CAMC lightweight tractor is with excellent quality, complete specifications and the truck sold well in various nations and regions. As a China tractor truck supplier, we make tractors available for transporting containers, bulk goods or steel products, etc. With strong toughness and high reliability, they can often carry maximum payloads under extreme road conditions.

Engine of CAMC Lightweight Tractor:

1. With low oil consumption and large power, the lightweight tractor truck is a high-performance engine meeting the new environmental protection standard.
2. The engine of CAMC lightweight tractor is a in-line 6-cylinder turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine which is up to the standard of the new national environmental protection (National standard III). It’s light, economical as well as cleaning.
3. Featuring large power, strong toughness, the engine can run smoothly even in the harsh conditions, and esp. plays a great role on the medium goods transport.

Gearbox of CAMC Lightweight Tractor:

1. The gearbox has a unique and advanced structure with the design of combined major and minor tanks, main and sub box manipulation and pneumatic manipulation by minor box (tank).
2. Both major and minor tanks are by double-countershaft transmission with the main shaft and its gear floating, in place of the traditional needle bearings. Therefore, CAMC Lightweight tractor with this gearbox has a large carrying capacity.
3. Fitted with a double H control device in the gearbox, it has the two-axel control, right-and-left control or two-way control.

Lightweight Principle of Cargo Truck:

Under the condition that the performance, bearing capacity and security of truck are ensured, the lightweight is realized by optimizing the design structure, applying new materials and technologies and adopting the lightweight assembly.
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